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this is the first single from Takt X Grand Kemist's new album "TantasCosas"...

and It Is about urban Relativity....



Recognize Me From The Axiom –
TypeWriter-Rhymer, Thinker-Observer,
Governing The Galaxy, Body-Grower –
Intelligentsia; Pray-Tell, See Further…
Punching Thoughts, Letters Are Mantras -
Meditative States of Mind Shift,
My Logic Quantums,
Fusing to Stay Found,
Ground-Wire facing East –
Garnering Essence, Dimensionally,
Stay Deep…
In Time, In Space, I Relate -
The Respect To Your Brain, I Pay,
Is So Fund-A-Mental…
Transcending Through Rest
InTo The Multiverse,
Diversify The Theo-Rye…
My LifeStyle-Style Is:
Having The Form Of Life Suns Shine,
Hand-To-Hand, Propagating Light…
Translate It For The People
Whom Move Somethings,
Of Many Positions To Many Directions –
EnVision 20-1-11-20 To the 7th –
There’s Reverence in Sharpness,
The ImPerfect Constant,
Traverse The Consequence,
Equivalence Acts On The Optic –
Before One, There Was None In The Epoch…
I Come Forth To Set It On/In –
Travel With Expansion, When I Contribute –
Varied When It’s Carried –
Catch The Brilliance I Distribute…
I Knock’Em Out The LightBox…

Realize Me From The Actual –
Superlative In Physical Skill,
Basing Angles In Motion
For A Natural Build, Beaming,
What I Internalize, Eternally,
Connect To What I’m Reaching –
I Get Open While I Deepen…
Cast The Traces,
WaveLengthening Rays With Brethren,
FreeWilling, U-N-I-Forming, InterFacing,
Crowning The Colors,
Sharp-Cut ‘Em With Shine,
Tongue-Brushing, Painting Minds,
While Belonging To Time’s
Design To ReCompose the Pre-Composition,
Particles Absorb The Speed Of Friction…
Articles Destined To Meta’With –
They Coalesced With The Reference,
Totaled The Body’s Limitless Access Like…
This Is Your Holy-Hooligan-Illustrator,
Ready To Rock-Raider
Any Layer Claim Greater…
Paper Fuels Now What I Pencil Later –
Compass ReTracer/Vector/Scalar,
Compass ReTracer, Vector, Scalar…
In Tandem With The Maker –
(I) Knock’Em Out The LightBox…


released December 30, 2015
Produced And Arranged by The Grand Master Kemist...
All Lyrics Written by Takt...
All Scratches by Grand Kemist...
sample from Black Star "Respiration"...
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Franke Estevez at Fuzion Studios, Union City, NJ..



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takt New Jersey


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